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Robert G. Osborne          
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Box with Lead and

Lead & Copper on panel
25" x 42" x 3 1/2"
The River Styxx T.A.
Latex, balsa, wood on panel
40" x 40"
Rope Games
Nylon rope, latex, wood
on wood panel
39" x 42 1/2"
Detail of Rope Games
Constructions: An Exhibition of the
work of Robert G. Osborne,
September 5 to Ocober 2, 2018 at
Mount Wachusett Community
College, Gardner, MA.

Not another Artist's Statement? Yes, but this
one will point out the obvious: I do not make
political statements in my art, nor am I
concerned with social commentary, bravos or
outrage. I am not interested in the sublime,
harmonious or "just pleasing" art -- wall

What I hope to suggest in this show is to offer
work that is a little more on the questioning
side, not too easy, a bit ambiguous. Most
importantly is my intent to make viewers really
look closely and think about the images and
their interaction.
The Artist, Robert G. Osborne